Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday Morning Culinary @ PETAK 9

Wanna feel the different atmosphere for your culinary? Just come to PETAK 9, JALAN KEMENANGAN I, GLODOK, JAKARTA BARAT.

How to go there?

References from my sister’s friend made me researched in Google about this PETAK 9 culinary. But, I only got a little information. Besides it's known same as the China Town in Singapore, It was told that to go there was just: “take the Busway to Komdak and it was across the Lindteves Market”

(What….. ??!!?! In the reality there’s no Komdak Shelter and made us really confused. We asked two employees from Busway, but he doesn’t know where the Petak 9 is. My oh My… We kept asking and found a man who also the employee, knew it)

So, for all you guys who wanna go to this culinary area, just take Trans Jakarta Feeder Bus way, stop by the Glodok Shelter and it was across the Lindteves Market. Firstly, my friend and I were really hard to find the exact culinary spot, because the area is such a market. After asking many people, we finally found this Jl. Kemenangan I by walking through many small paths.

What are the differences?

Here, we can try many different Indonesian Traditional foods while feeling the atmosphere of Chinese Market and Cultures due to this culinary spot is right on the Market and China Temple Area. We can see many sellers of Fish, Vegetables, Chicken, and Pork. Also, the sleeping beggar in the corner of the street. of course a little bit fishy and wet. but that's the essential of culinary ;)

The food-stands are also unique, because some of the stands are also the seller’s home. So, It’s not only a stand for selling food, but while the customers are eating the food, you can see the sellers come into their home and watch television in the living room. Really peaceful. A Chinese Tradition.

So, what are the culinary experiences?

First, before we begin the adventure, let me introduce my three besties (Fitria-My Sister, Rita, Ivana) that have accompanied me in this Sunday Great Morning (thanks guys, it was a perfect memories.. ;)) ).

While walking through the small path, we saw a man was cooking and a woman take care of the bread paste in front of a house. Just a simple gas stove above the table created something that looks wonderful.

What is it? Actually, we have passed by, but.. What a curious.. and then we came back after realizing that was a familiar round snacks. Yeah, it’s Onde-Onde. A sweet bread paste mixed with stew green beans and covered with Wijen. Taste really nice, simple sweet, and the green beans makes really healthy. It was one of the favorite snacks for Indonesian people. ONDE – ONDE ^^

Then, what’s next? I guess.. hehehe.. You know what, after jogging with my friends, made me really starving. ;)) Let's find another one.........

A-ha.. “What’s that”? I saw a unique snacks.. hihihi… Every snack that looks unique made us stopped to free our curiosity ;) Like this one, UYEN? He? It’s my first time seeing and heard that name. So, we decided to buy, also after a good offering and explanation from the seller.

UYEN was made from taro. It looks like PERKEDEL (croquette), but for me it’s like GIANT BAKSO (Meatball) covered with Noodle ;)) then fried. It was really crispy outside, but smoooooth inside ^^ It taste a ‘lil bit salty and served with Hot Sauce... Perfecto….!!!!

PILLOW CAKE (KUE BANTAL)… Wew, amazing name, rite? It is called so because the texture and the shape looks really like pillow. Usually we met this pillow cake in the rectangles one. But now, it’s Round Pillow. (Just see the picture below). This pillow cake has many kinds of flavor. Black sticky rice (KETAN ITEM) and green beans are my choices. That makes this cake tastes really sweet.

We went through the small path... look around and keep on looking... but, hey, where can I find Gado-Gado or something cold, like Ice that I saw in a website when I researched about this Petak 9. Then, I asked people. But, no one knows. They told us to go to Petak 9, go straight and turn left beside the Alfa Mart mini market. Finally we decided to go as they said, but…., We back at the first place we came by. No way... yeah, what an adventure, rite... It’s a really nice experience, going to the first place you’ve never been before. Get Lost ;)) We stopped by at the food stand “Bakmi Kemenangan” (Victory of China Noodles) … haha.. Great name!!! My friend tried the Bakmi (Noodles), and the taste is still 7 out of 10. Not really good.

My sister and I tried Nasi Ulam (located in front of Bakmi Kemenangan stand). How does it taste? Hmm.. It’s too sweet, I guess. So, you have to add some Hot Sauce to make it more delicious. You can find Dendeng (kind of Smoked Meat), Tofu, Egg, Meat, Basil, as you can see all mixed in a plate of NASI ULAM. For you to know, this NASI ULAM is a sacred in Malayan’s Wedding Tradition. They believe that this NASI ULAM procession represent a life journey for the new marriage. Good or Bad.

Wew.. There’s a big meaning in a small plate of NASI ULAM... hihihi….

There’s a GREAT WOMAN behinds every GREAT MAN. \^.^/



Anonymous said...

i remember i tried onde - onde and i liked it very much. hey, tom yam soup was the best after bakso...

Raise Your Voice, Make Some Moves said...

yes .. yes .. yes .. onde-onde is really delicious. and Tom Yam Soup is the soup that has amazing taste, sour, sweet, spicy, nice... It warms people.

Then, I should bring you Onde-Onde, Tom Yam and Bakso ;) or you come again to Jakarta to try them once again and another delicious waiting for you. ^^

Mary said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful eating adventure, made better still by the company of friends. I found your blog by chance but will be back often to follow more of your adventures. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Raise Your Voice, Make Some Moves said...

Thanks Mary. I have added you on my Update List and Twitter. Can't wait for the next dishes ;)

Simply Life said...

This is great to know -so many new things to learn! Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

I just stopped back to thank you for your kind words. Blessings...Mary

Simply Life said...

great photos!!

Gaphe said...

Wuih.. bikin ngiler ama gorengannya.. foto-fotonya juga bagus. yang paling atas berasa jadul..

Raise Your Voice, Make Some Moves said...

Hey All ! thanks so much for your great respond ! Well, yes, I love culinary and finding a new sopt for new food! hahaha... It feels so great to share to you :)

Aby Yusuf said...

Wow,what a recommended place for cullinary.. Thanks udh bantu share.. Ohya,udh gw follow ya blognya,kali aja lo bakal update tmp yg lebih recommended lg..

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