Sunday, 7 February 2010

Me and My Poems at 2005

Talking about poems, I really do love poems. I used to. But now, maybe I've lost my spirit and passion. Don't know why. 5 minutes ago, I have just read all my old emails and I found some of my old poems that I made when I was in High School. Actually I started to write poems since I was in Junior High School. Kahlil Gibran was one of my favourite writer. Hopefully by finding these poems, I can get more inspiration to do more writing. Can't wait.. Love it!

(These poems collections below, actually sent to one of my best friends. I gave it specially to her, because she left Indonesia to continue study in America. We don't need much time to knew each other. It's about a month. I really love the day we belong together and I made her as my lophly sistah, Tea-Na. She was really inspiring and made my day joyful)

I don't make any changes to the poems.. so enjoy it^^

~~~Yes, IT is~~~

Don't think about my words,
it's just my little feelin'

Don't think about my poems,
it's just a little feelin'

Just feel this thing,
it's about my big feelin'

It's about a big feelin'

It's about LOVE . . .


Somethin’ ordinary,

Could be so wonderful,

Could be so amazing,

Could be so….MEANINGFUL…!!!

Move d chamber’s soul,

D soil for ma’ heart to stand on,

feLt so warm…warmer...warmest...

by her foot step,

touch my deepest ‘n glory of my heart kingdom



THE ONE IS ~Y-O-U~…!!!


veryday I meet U

veryday I’m so happy beside of U

veryday I laugh with U

veryday I tell U about my day

Everyday U tell about Urs

Everyday we listen 2 d music 2gether

Everyday I make a special poem 4U

Everyday U give me too..

Everyday I tease U,

pinch Ur cheek, U’r angry..

Everyday U tease me, I’m angry too..

But, we know dat’s our joke…!!! Ho8…

Oh …

My dear friend…

My lophly ZiZtah…

My ZeXeH fatty…

I’m gonna really miZZ d day withChU…!!

Never 4get all about me&our time…

May God BleZZ U 4ever ‘n ever …!!!


Word could never replace some sorry,

Voice will never change some anger,

Song can’t clear d tears,

Even, a dance won’t give an energy…

Smile will never start & end a good day,,,


I don’t know what eLZe I could do…

I don’t know what my life will be in d future ?!?!?!

But, when I’m blind & don’t know anyhtin’,

my mind will never stop realized dat………

JuZt Ur Love could change & replace EVERYTHIN’ in my life…

PleaZzZe,,, never Ztop givin’ me some of Urs…

‘coZ it makeZ me aLive…!!!

LoVê Yषu..!!!!!!!!!

Wanna end d day,

But I can’t !

Try 2 close my eyes,

But still open widely !

Play d mellow ZongZ 2 accompany my lonely nite,

But still hurt heart !

Try 2 cover all my body,

But still cold & freeze !

I try hard…!! Try hard , hard , & hard …!!!

I would never give up until …

U come 2 me


bring me back my Zweet DreamZzZ through my aZLeep…!!!



What a very narrow scope of ma’ life…!!!

Makin’ me feel no free

to through & feeL ma’ real life…!!!

Wanna go to d overseas,

Reach beauty island,

Dat has became a long desired to me,


WouLd I…!!!???,,,,

CouLd I…???!!!

I’ve been lost in thought

seeing a very dark sky

decorated with rain,

accompanied by the movements

of bamboo ‘n coconut treeZ,

wave beautifully,

as if give their soft handZ

to ask me,

goin’ to d dreamZ woRLd

dat’s so eternal 4 us,



veryone has their own life.

veryone has their own way.

veryone has their own wish.

veryone has their own destiny.

So, when u could still

take ur breath

‘n have uR Blood in ur body,

remember one thing…

Don’t let a river’s tidal current,

‘n an abrupt cLiff

will sweep u away

to the darkness side of dis world,

the deep chasm dat u’ll never thought be-4...


Through ur Life

as the beZt as urZeLf could do…!!!

GBu 4ever…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!