Monday, 14 December 2009

Music As A Universal Language

Everyone loves music. Everyone knows that music is very important as a universal language. There are several reasons why music is important to many people. First, music has an important role because it bridges gaps between two or more cultures. Foreigners understand about Javanese cultures by listening to Java music and enjoying the rhythm, tone, and beat. Music can also decreases gap between ‘father and son’ because music has no limitation of ages that makes it can be listened by anyone. Another reason that makes music important is it creates communities. People actually will come together in one place when they have the same taste and perception about music. People, who love to hear Alternative, will get on together and make a band in Alternative genre. Finally, music is important because it delivers messages through people around the world. It is the art of soul expressions and life stories so we can share opinions and feelings about what is happening. Like what Green Day did in their “American Idiot” song, they criticize the American government in a healthy way to transfer their aspirations. In conclusion, music is important to represent everything and everyone.



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