Monday, 14 December 2009

Massive Damage to The Ecosystem

Indonesia is well known with its natural capital, especially on water area. Most of the inhabitants earn their living by working as fishermen. Those fishermen often use destructive fishing activities, like dynamite and cyanide as their fishing activities in order to catch the fish easily. In fact, these uses of dynamite and cyanide were not only considered by the local fishermen but also by the foreign fishermen who aim to take advantage of the Indonesian Archipelago. Unluckily, these fishing activities may cause massive damage to the ecosystem, such as the decrease of coral reefs productivity, viability of the marine organisms, and human.

The widespread uses of Dynamite and Cyanide in fishing are the common practical things that give negative effect to the productivity of coral reefs. For example, to get kerapu, which usually hide behind the reefs, the fishermen exploded the coral reefs. It has caused massive damage to coral reefs in South Sulawesi over the past decade, local environmentalists say. Although it is illegal, it is practices in Padaido Island, Biak Regency, the repeatedly used of chemicals and explosions, destroyed the structure of coral reefs. The restoration for the coral reefs itself was very difficult. It will take about 40 to 50 years to restore a damage coral reef ecosystem. It may be extinct. Dynamited reefs also can no longer act as water barriers, so it will not be able to block erosion in certain areas.

Another damage that will happen to the ecosystem is the viability of the marine organisms. The fishermen usually use the chemicals, for example Potassium Nitrate which will be packaged in bottles those exploded under the water. It will create shock wave that makes the fish float to the surface where the fishermen can easily collect them. Often a certain area is dynamited twice, first to kill the smaller fish, then again to kill the larger predators. Not only killing, dynamite fishing also disturbs the breeding, nursery and feeding grounds of many marine organisms. These become degraded and rendered unsuitable.

In addition, the destructive fishing which often used by the fishermen, will threaten the viability of human. There will be the lack of utilization of marine resources caused by the fear of not environmental friendly. Most people are afraid to consume those marine resources, which have been contaminated by the dangerous chemicals. This may cause the health problem even the death of the human. These destructive fishing activities also affect the social-economic problem impact to the country. It may become a trigger of any dispute of people. While the marine organisms’ productivity needs to be concerned, the number of poverty may increase in certain areas of Indonesia.

The increasing destructive fishing activities which used by the fishermen do great damage to the environment. Those activities were illegally practiced in many countries worldwide, especially in Indonesia. These are major threats and negative effects to the qualities of marine organisms and the human being.
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